Beyond Borders

Sandy Prager - Classical and 12-String Guitars
Phil Scarff- Soprano and Alto Saxophones
Rich Appleman- Bass

The art form of jazz improvisation is, at its best, an adventure in empathy. In this recording, you’ll
find three musicians who listen to one another, are willing to take chances, and truly enjoy each
other’s musical company. In the almost 10 years we’ve played together, we’ve come to trust and
listen to each other with open ears and an open heart. I think this recording shows that. All is the
way it went down in the studio. Are there mistakes? Yes, you might hear a few, but more
importantly, you hear expressiveness, playfulness, and most importantly, interplay.

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Seattle Joe's

Sandy Prager - Classical and 12-String Guitar
Jerry Leake - Percussion
John Lockwood - Bass

Sandy Prager leads a trio featuring Jerry Leake (percussion) and John Lockwood (bass) in Seattle Joe's, an all-original program of a dozen tunes. There's a refreshing vigor about this music, notably because Prager plays acoustic guitar in a compelling fusion mode. The band's most impressive in "The Eggman" and the cool groove of the atmospheric "Parrot Jungle," while the funky variations of "Seattle Joe's," "Bossa Child," and the dynamic ballad "Six More" showcase Prager's strengths as a solo player. Recommended.
— MR, Cadence Magazine

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Figures of Speech

Sandy Prager - Classical and 12-String Guitar
Mark Chenevert - Clarinet

Imagine hearing Ralph Towner and Paul McCandless dueting without the rest of Oregon. That's a way to begin to describe this Boston-based duo. There are folk, jazz, klezmer and western classical elements to be heard as well as lots of improvised surprises. Prager plays classical and 12-string guitars and wrote the tunes. As a player, he is deft and creative, with a strong classical bent; his compositions flow beautifully. Chenevert plays clarinet with a fluid, agile grace and improvises like a master. Throughout, the duo seem determined to bring as much lyricism as possible to the music, and they're successful - the melodies flow like a river, with composition and improv meeting so seamlessly that in many places they are indistinguishable. Prager adn Chenevert have a long history together, and their palpable rapport shows it. A lot of recent improvised or semi-improv music seems off-putting, as though the listener doesn't matter. Not the case here. I find myself enjoying what I hear and appreciating the artistry in equal measures.
— Bart Grooms, Option Magazine

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Is As As Is

Sandy Prager - Classical and 12-String Guitar
Tony Sumbury - Bass
Frank Molina - Percussion

This all-instrumental guitar-led recording is the brilliant compositional crafting of Sandy Prager. Some albums such as this can run the risk of inducing boredom — not Is As As Is. Sandy makes sure there are some interesting musical twists thrown into each song. The album is a conglomerate of innovative pieces that run from simple 12-string acoustic numbers, to ethnic-sounding guitar pieces, to jass tunes, to a style that cannot be defined. He incorporates — with the help of marvelous rhythm-makers Frank Molina and Tony Sumbury on bass — jazz-based riffs with intricate acoustic guitar U-turns. The songs at times mesmerized me and led my mind to wander, while others built and built to such a passionate musical peak that I couldn't help but stop and let it be consuming. "Aldebron" particularly grabbed me, and "Consciousness Takes a Vacation," "Bossa Chile" and "Through the Looking Glass" were captivating. Nice fresh change from the ordinary. I found this recording beautiful.
— Debbie Catalano, New England Performer

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Open Door

Sandy Prager - Classical and 12-String Guitar
Jeff Leonard - Reeds
Ted Meyerson - Bass
Eric Hahn - Percussion

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All music composed by Sandy Prager ©2014 BonnieAnn music